• Heat Exchangers

    Heat Exchangers

    Fabrication  of Cargo Heaters Fabrication of all  types of  Heat…

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  • Cargo Cranes, Derricks,Grabs

    Cargo Cranes, Derricks,Grabs

    Hydraulic  Motors/Pumps, Jacks and Valve blocks Electronics  Panels Repairs Boom…

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  • Oil Tank Cleaning Services

    Oil Tank Cleaning Services

    ARKOIL was founded in 2006 to supply non-man crude tank…

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  • Shipcare-Zener

    Shipcare has partnered with Zener Marine to represent the entire…

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  • Air Condition and Refrigeration

    Air Condition and Refrigeration

    Accommodation  Air Condition Engine Room Air - Condition Meat Room,…

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  • Electrical and Electronics

    Electrical and Electronics

    Rewinding of all types of AC/DC Motors Rewinding of Alternators…

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  • Pipeline Repairs

    Pipeline Repairs

    Renewal works / new Fabrication and erection in all areas…

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  • Steel Renewals

    Steel Renewals

    All types of Steel Renewal Works in all areas including…

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